I have always had cats and dogs at the same time without problems and for a long time I'd missed someone at the end of the leash to accompany me for walks.
So I gave a good "cat-friend" of mine, who knows a lot about dogs too, the task of finding the dog for me: sturdy, in good health, with some coat and the size for a cat-shutter.
After a few days we then went out to visit a breeder who had a puppy-litter as the result of an "oops-mating" with one of her Westies and her daughter's Shitsu,
and I simply lost my heart! Afterwards I remembered in every detail all about the puppies - nothing about neither the breeder nor the place, where she lived.
The little lass who some visits later went home with me was named "Mandy".

Mandy and Rumlepot

Mandy loves to watch TV - that is, if the program involves dogs. She understands cat-language. In fact she's rather clever and she is able to "trick" me. On the rare occasions when I scold her, she'll promptly turn her back to me, sit down, and then she will turn her head to see, if I have finished. Then I will break down laughing, and the entire scolding has gone to waste.

When she was old enough I found a suitable "mate" for her and it resulted in five beautifull puppies, of which I have kept "Rumlepot". Those two take great pleasure in each others company. 'At least two of a kind' is by far the best! ..... and by the way, that goes for cats too.

Rumlepot can't take in TV but grasp all other things very quickly. For example she brings me my slippers when I come home, without having been taught. Some people will say that she is more clever than her mother but I'm not so sure about that!

Both dogs are very gentle and very hospitable. Yelping and waging their tails, they greet everyone who ring the doorbell, as if they were deeply missed friends, and present them with dog toys and clogs.


Photos of the puppies