Hanne Engermann
Grunderupvej 4
4683  Rønnede DK
Phone: (+45) 56711787
Mail: mega-mco@mail.dk

Here we live in Zealand ...

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Now you visit an elder breeding of the biggest domestic cat in the world
and I wish you a nice time during your trip around the page!

My breed, which started up at the end of 1987, has always been based on great love and respect for as well the individual cat as the race generally.

Just as a buyer of a cat of course has specific wishes and expectations of the coming family member, I as a breeder feel the same way concerning a kitten's new family whether the cat will be sold for breeding or for pet only. Therefore please don't resent if you feel asked too many, often searching questions about yourself, your family and home. It is solely owing to sense of responsibility "the right cat for the right home" ..... and it is one of my "children" I’ll send away, you see.

Kittens will be sold with a contract which safeguards them as well as their new owners and when the day comes for going to their new family, they are of course worm free and vaccinated.
Their parrents are tested for PKD and HCM. (Placing the cursor on the silverheart at info about the individual cat, the results become visible).

A signed up-to-date statement from the vet about health and condition and a FIFe-pedigree  will be given. Lifelong support is a matter that can be taken for granted.

Once again: Have a nice tour!